Sunday, January 10, 2010

Yolo Adventures

Gap Adventures is offering a program for people ages 18 - 30 who are looking for adventure and fun! It is called Yolo. This is a great program for people between this age who love to travel, and want to build friendships! It is a really nice program because you are brought on tours and will learn about wherever your traveling, while at the same time doing things that 18-30 olds enjoy doing ~ plus the cost is very affordable!

There are many different location opportunities, from Costa Rica, Turkey, Italy, Bolivia, Brazil, and many, many more!

To find out more information, click here!

Have you ever went on a group vacation? If so, what was it like? Did you have fun?

*Disclosure, all opinions expressed are of my own and I was not endorsed in any way to write about Gap Adventures Yolo program. *

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